Board of Directors

The Ontario Finnish Resthome Board Of Directors

Todd Slotegraaf


705-945-9987, Ext.200

The Ontario Finnish Resthome Board of Directors
Leena Taivainen 1st Vice Chair
Steve Schell 2nd Vice Chair
Linda Ruhanen Secretary
Tarja Doucette Treasurer
Erik Tuomi Board Member
Jorma Malkki Board Member
Linda Delavalle Board Member
Andy Manttari Board Member
Shirley Mantyla Board Member
Liisa Taivainen Board Member
Sinikka Dawson Board Member, Ladies Auxiliary
Tarja Loewen Board Member, Foundation Chair
Sointu Fulcher Alternate Member
Jane Hedlund Alternate Member
Ex-Officio Members 
Paul Belair Chief Executive Officer
Helina McGrath Executive Director of Care Services
Andy Koskinen Manager of Finance Services