OFRA Staff Is Second To None!

Our staff members are the face and reputation of OFRA. They represent OFRA each day with heart and caring, with compassion and respect. They strive to make sure each resident is seen and heard, their needs are met and they are comfortable in their chosen “home.” We are very proud of the men and women who work hard each day to ensure that our residents feel “at home”, are loved and cared for. An organization is only as good as the people that represent it and our staff work to maintain that ideal. We are happy to say that our staff is “the Best!”


Name Title E-mail Telephone
Paul Belair Chief Executive Officer (705) 945-9987 ext. 238
Helina McGrath Executive Director of Care (705) 945-9987 ext. 206
Sari Jokinen Acting Manager, Finance (705) 945-9987 ext. 211
Nancy Williamson Manager, Kotitalo Assisted Living (705) 945-9987 ext. 225
Kimberly Shellhorn Manager, Dietary Services (705) 945-9987 ext. 272
Rita Luomaranta Manager, Facilities (705) 945-9987 ext. 207
Heidi Slotegraaf Manager, Program Support Services (705) 945-9987 ext. 203
Heidi Schell Purchasing & Marketing Agent (705) 945-9987 ext. 237
Kotitalo Front Desk Kotitalo Assisted Living (705) 945-9987 ext. 210
RN Supervisor Mauno Kaihla Koti Nursing Home (705) 945-5262 ext. 218